Positivity is the key to happiness, inspiring a brighter outlook on life.

For the girl that’s always on the go. The starfish inspires calm & tranquillity in our daily lives. 


Looking for a gift for the girl that's going places? Help them achieve their dreams!

Our star sign collection features 12 unique designs representing each constellation.

Our balance collection guide you on your path to happiness and inner peace!

The growth collection reminds us to learn from every experience to become the best version of ourselves!

Wear your own initial or the initial of your loved ones for an extra personal jewellery statement!

 Choose from goddesses Athena, Durga, Venus and Aphrodite to inspire love, protection and female empowerment in your daily life.

Symbolising the everlasting bond between mother & child, representing hope and unconditional love from the heart.

Meaningful gifts for your besties! The friendship collection celebrates loyalty, love and unity amongst true friends.

Make her smile with these meaningful motifs that inspire health & happiness.

The meaningful prosperity collection promotes happiness, success & wellbeing.

Be strong, be determined, be you! This collection reminds us that no challenge is too great.

For the women embarking on new adventures, these designs inspire prosperity & good fortune along the way.

Say it with love… this collection symbolises an unbroken bond between loved ones.

The fern is a symbol of health & wellbeing. Its healing properties promote balance and renewal to help us flourish.

Our moon collection celebrates the incredible women in our lives!

True beauty always shines through… the perfect gift for someone special in your life.

These sentimental sets can be worn to keep one another close, whether you are near or far. 

These meaningful symbols are recognised for their powers of protection & qualities for repelling evil.

Be free and follow your dreams... the perfect gift for the free spirit in your life.

To remind you to be the shining light in the darkness…the hope collection is designed to inspire fresh optimism in all that you do!

Make your wishes come true with these delicate designs that inspire luck & good fortune.

For all those that live life to the full… these designs inspire energy & vitality.