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Timeless & Cute Necklaces Every Girl Should Have

Over the past few years, fashion lovers and style bloggers have swapped big, colourful statement jewellery for minimal and cute pieces and there’s something very nostalgic about this trend. As a jewellery lover you might remember the very first time you went to a jeweller to pick out your favourite necklace. Chances are that you went for a classic and timeless heart necklace or a playful and dainty butterfly necklace. Over the years, your jewellery collection gradually started to grow – each individual piece representing a different chapter of your... Read More



This selection of beautiful sterling silver studs all come in at under £30 and would delight anyone lucky enough to open them on Christmas morning! Our lucky button studs are one of our best sellers and make a perfect, cute, everyday pair. Our hummingbird and wishbone studs are more unique which makes them ideal if you want to give a gift with a bit more individuality. Our bow studs are a classic pair and are the talisman for everlasting love. They symbolise the unbroken bond between loved ones, making them the... Read More