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The Meaning Behind Lotus Flower Jewellery

The beautiful lotus flowe, is a sacred flower that has great spiritual symbolism throughout the world. Each morning the lotus flower emerges from muddy waters whilst remaining perfectly clean, producing exquisitely beautiful blooms. Throughout Asia, the lotus flower is seen as a symbol of re-birth and spiritual enlightenment. In Buddhism, the lotus flower symbolises purity, beauty and spiritual awakening. They are believed to focus the mind during meditation. A closed bud will represent the time before enlightenment and a lotus in full bloom represents someone who has reached their journey of self-realisation and enlightenment.... Read More


Best Friend Gift Ideas

Our Top 5 Best Friend Gift Ideas for Summer! Summer is all about enjoying incredible adventures with amazing friends… because when the tan fades, the memories will last forever! A friendship necklace is the perfect way to show your bestie how much they mean to you. Whether you are looking for a birthday gift for your BFF or a special present for your favourite friend, our meaningful necklaces are the perfect message for a unique friendship gift! Each of our friendship necklaces come complete with a talisman card that explains the sentiment behind these memorable friendship gifts… of course it takes... Read More


The Meaning Behind The Moon

At Muru Jewellery, we love our jewellery to have a significant meaning so that we can feel empowered and inspired while wearing it. Our moon necklace is one of our most loved jewellery designs. The unique meaning behind it makes it a powerful symbol and a go-to talisman necklace for daily inspiration.We explain the deeper meaning behind our moon jewellery and discover why it’s so popular! We will also show you the different ways to style our moon necklaces so that you can make your own personal jewellery statement. What... Read More


Inspired by Nature…

At Muru we take a lot of inspiration from Mother Nature, from the delicate butterfly to fallen feathers. Each piece is designed with intricacy and detail to make it a timeless addition to any jewellery collection.  Whether you’re looking for a gift or a classic piece of jewellery for yourself, these are our favourite picks inspired by nature:       Every piece comes wrapped in a luxury gift box with a talisman card explaining the meaning behind the design. Check out our lookbook for more gifting inspiration.    



Forget the tricks, why not treat yourself to one of our Halloween-inspired designs?! The cross is a classic piece that’ll be gorgeous all year round – plus it’ll add a touch of style to your fancy dress costume! Our skulls are more obvious choices – the unique, quirky pieces are ideal for this time of year. If, like us, you can’t decide, why not layer them up for a cool, Halloween look?



The horn is a talisman of protection. It is an ancient Italian amulet worn to repel the evil eye or malocchio. In Italian, the horn is referred to as cornuto, corno or cornicello and literally means ‘little horn’. Traditionally the horn would’ve been pinned to babies’ clothing straight after birth. The malocchio was supposed to harm pregnant women, nursing mothers and their babies. Although it’s main form is as a necklace, during the latter half of the 20th century, the horn was hung in cars as a good luck charm.... Read More



The dragon’s eye talisman is a well-known, universal amulet of protection. It is an ancient Germanic symbol said to protect anyone who recited the incantation to it. The symbol is depicted in Rudolph Koch’s Book Of Signs; a collection of old world symbols. It consists of an equilateral or isosceles triangle, (meaning threat) with a Y shape, (meaning the choice between good & evil) encased within it, touching each corner of the shape. The three equal parts that are created are thought to represent love, power and wisdom. Therefore the symbol is... Read More



Like the Hamsa Hand, the Evil Eye is the Talisman for Protection. The symbol is one of the most ancient in history, dating back to the age of classical antiquity. The eye was believed to represent an evil or malicious stare that was able to cause misfortune to the receiver. It was thought that being on the receiving end of the stare was enough to cause illness or death. To protect against the stare, people wore the evil eye as a talisman to protect against evil forces. The hamsa is... Read More



  The Hamsa Hand is a Talisman of Protection. It is recognised for it’s powers of protection and it’s ability to repel the evil eye. In many cultures it is also believed to represent blessings, power and strength, making it a hugely respected ancient symbol. ‘Khamsa’ is an Arabic word literally meaning ‘five’ although it could also refer to the five fingers of the hand. The word ‘hamsa’ itself may originate from various cultures and languages. Although the initial origins of the hamsa are unknown and thought to predate some... Read More