My Constellation: Aries


Looking for a meaningful birthday gift for a loved one or a staple every day necklace for yourself?

Our gorgeous Constellation Star Sign necklaces are effortlessly wearable and make a staple piece to add to every jewellery collection!

Each necklace features a cut out star pattern relating to each zodiac constellation complete with your star sign engraved on the reverse.

You will also receive a Zodiac card that highlights your most positive personality traits according to your horoscope.


“She is spontaneous, fun & energetic. She possesses great courage, strength & vigour & always lives life to the full.”


Aries Women




My Constellation: As Worn By You

We love to see how you style your Constellation necklaces whether you wear them alone or layer them up!

Check out how these gorgeous ladies have styled their Star Sign necklaces…


What Does Your Star Sign Say About You?

Find out your best personality traits according to your horoscope! Discover the full collection here.



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