How To Care For Rose Gold Plated Jewellery


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We love the look of rose gold jewellery. It compliments every skin tone and gives an eye-catching look to any outfit!

How To Look After Your Rose Gold Vermeil Jewellery

When it’s not being worn, rose gold plated jewellery should preferably be stored in a dark and dry place. The box or pouch your jewellery came in is the perfect place for this!

Rose gold plated jewellery should be removed when bathing, it’s also best to avoid contact with soap, chlorine, perfume and deodorant as they can leave your jewellery looking dull.

If your rose gold jewellery needs cleaning, the best thing to use is a microfibre cloth (like you would polish a phone or TV screen with). Gently polish the item to restore its original shine. Do not polish your rose gold jewellery with a yellow gold polishing cloth as this can change the colour of your jewellery.

What Is Vermeil?

Vermeil and plated vermeil (pronounced “ver-may”) means that the base metal of the jewellery is sterling silver, rather than the brass, steel or mixed metals that can also be found in plated jewellery.

The base metals found in plated jewellery can sometimes cause your skin to temporarily turn black or green whereas the sterling silver found in vermeil jewellery does not cause this reaction.

Vermeil jewellery tends to have a much thicker coating than plated jewellery, a thicker coating means it will last longer if treated well.

At Muru,  all of our gold and rose gold jewellery is vermeil.


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