GIFT GUIDE: The Minimalist

Each week we will be giving you the perfect gift inspiration for every girl.


This week we will be focusing on The Minimalist. The girl who has curated the staple and timeless wardrobe. She likes simplicity and knows the key is in the detail. Her outfits look effortless and she only has possessions that enrich her life. A Talisman would be the perfect addition to her jewellery collection, each one focuses on a unique meaning that can inspire and empower the wearer.


minimalist image

The Arc: Talisman for Life

The Arc represents our journey from birth, reminding us to achieve our goals and follow our dreams. It’s the perfect addition to any outfit, an understated piece that sits well by itself or layered with other talismans.



The Purity Mandala: Talisman for the Circle of Life

The Purity Mandala will look effortless with its disc shape and simplistic detail. It’s an everyday essential that represents health and happiness in our daily lives. The necklace is also available in a midi length, perfect for customising your style.



The Feather: Talisman for Positivity

The Feather encourages a brighter outlook on life, bringing positivity to the wearer. This necklace is essential to add depth to a clean & minimal outfit. The horizontal feather comes on an extendable chain so you can personalise the way it’s worn, whether it be under the collar of a crisp white shirt or on top of a tucked in oversized tee.


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