Supermodel style

We spotted Supermodel Jourdan Dunn wearing the Muru Talisman Hamsa necklace!

She wore the necklace at the launch of her new Limited Edition HTC phone collection, HTC INK, in London.

Both her phone & jewellery feature the hamsa hand symbol, which is a motif common throughout the Middle East and North Africa that has personal significance to Dunn. She explained…

“Before this whole thing happened, I wanted to get the Hamsa hand tattooed on me. The Hamsa hand symbolizes protection, love, happiness, and good luck. So I thought it would be really good to have that on a phone, which you carry with you, so you’re always going to have that happiness, that love, and that protection.”

Her hamsa hand necklace is available in silver, gold or rose gold. See the collection here.

Brit supermodel Jourdan Dunn wearing the Muru Talisman Hamsa necklace

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