Our hummingbird talisman is one of our most popular pieces. As the symbol is available in different styles and forms, we have the perfect one for you whatever your budget.

We think the hummingbird is the perfect talisman for Christmas because it symbolises love and beauty, reminding us to love life and live for the moment.

Hummingbird Studs, Sterling Silver, £30: Fancy doing something different to the obvious heart or flower studs? These delicate earrings will make a perfect, unique Christmas present.

Tiny Hummingbird Necklace, Sterling Silver, £45: The simple outlines of this beautiful necklace make it suitable to be worn everyday, yet still makes a statement.

Hummingbird Necklace, Gold Vermeil, £65: Seen on the likes of Laura Whitmore, this 3D hummingbird necklace really is something special. The intricate detail will delight anyone lucky enough to receive it on Christmas day!

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  • “If you are serious about hummingbirds,” states the product website, “this feeder will take your relationship with your hummingbirds to a whole new level.”