Like the Hamsa Hand, the Evil Eye is the Talisman for Protection. The symbol is one of the most ancient in history, dating back to the age of classical antiquity. The eye was believed to represent an evil or malicious stare that was able to cause misfortune to the receiver. It was thought that being on the receiving end of the stare was enough to cause illness or death.

To protect against the stare, people wore the evil eye as a talisman to protect against evil forces. The hamsa is also used for this purpose which is why the eye and hamsa symbols are often combined in a single talisman.

The evil eye has a significance in almost every culture and religion including Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity. The desire to repel the evil eye prompted a variety of talismans and amulets across cultures. In Turkey and Greece for example the eye takes the form of a blue circular eye. In modern times it has evolved into a popular souvenir for tourists.

Along with the hamsa, the evil eye symbol has survived into the 21st century and is commonly seen in jewellery and accessories. View our Evil Eye pieces here.


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