If you spotted our recent ‘Get The Look: Cara Delevingne’ post, you’ll have seen her sporting a necklace very similar to our ancient gold coin pendant. We decided to take inspiration from Cara herself and explore our collection of coin-shaped jewellery. But rather than sticking to just one we’ve been layering ours up for a cool, effortless feel.

There aren’t too many rules when layering jewellery, but a super-simple way of achieving a chic look is to wear multiple necklaces in similar styles and shapes. We’ve gone for our silver Eternity Dreamcatcher paired with the slightly smaller Ancient Coin. Although it’s tempting to play it safe and stick to just one colour, we love the effect of layering gold with silver.

Wearing different sized, multiple length coins and dreamcatchers creates a bohemian-inspired feel. We’ve paired ours with a fluffy knit – an ideal look for autumn!


Coins and Dreamcatchers

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