Behind The Talisman

Talismans are the key to making our unique jewellery so meaningful. Here at Muru Jewellery, we put a lot of thought into the meaning behind each piece of jewellery so that the wearer can benefit from the spiritual influence of each talisman. Discover the meaning behind each talisman in our guide below, or shop by meaning if you know which influence you wish your jewellery to have over the wearer.

Acorn Jewellery


The acorn is an emblem of prosperity & new beginnings, a new seed waiting to be planted and ready to grow into a new adventure.

Anchor Jewellery

Representing hope and protection, the anchor aims to keep you safe and grounded in choppy waters.


Bird Jewellery

Birds are considered the epitome of freedom. Gifted with flight, a bird talisman inspires the wearer to spread their wings and fly free too.

Bow Jewellery

Symbolising the strong and unbreakable bond between loved ones, the bow is highly a meaningful talisman that makes you lucky in love.

Butterfly Jewellery

A symbol of prosperity and positivity, the butterfly talisman is most often associated with new beginnings and inspires good luck in the wearer.

Coin Jewellery

Coins and ancient coins are a powerful charm for attracting wealth - keep it close and it will help you prosper.

Crescent Moon Jewellery

The crescent moon is an empowering symbol that represents female influence and intuition.

Dahlia Flower

The dahlia flower represents positivity & kindness. They inspire us to follow our dreams with love in our hearts.

Dragonfly Jewellery

The dragonfly is a symbol of a lighter and brighter outlook on life - reminding us to live life to the fullest.

Dreamcatcher Jewellery

Dreamcatchers are thought to trap negative energy, allowing you to achieve your dreams and live peacefully.

Elephant Jewellery

The elephant is a symbol of determination & strength of character - reminding us that no challenge is too great.

Feather Jewellery

The feather is symbolic of a lighter & brighter outlook on life - keeping you positive at all times.

Flower Jewellery

Many of our flower talisman designs inspire beauty and positivity, discover flower jewellery that brings a positive influence to your life.

Heart Jewellery

The heart is a universal symbol of love - representing strength, purity and devotion in love.


Hummingbird Jewellery

The hummingbird symbolises love and beauty - they remind us to love life & live for the moment.

Key Jewellery

The key is an object with opening & closing powers - it will help you unlock your dreams & achieve your ambitions.

Lotus Flower Jewellery

The lotus flower represents beauty & purity, producing exquisitely delicate flowers even in murky waters.

Mandala Jewellery

The mandala is a sacred symbol that represents the circle of life & the universe. They are thought to encourage unity and harmony in our daily lives.

Star Jewellery

The star is a symbol of guidance and hope, inspiring us to be the shining light in the darkness.

Starfish Jewellery

The starfish is a symbol of serenity & renewal. They are through to inspire vitality & tranquillity in our daily lives.

Sun Jewellery

The Aztec inspired ancient sun symbol represents life & vitality. It is thought to invigorate & energise us from morning to night.

Swallow Jewellery

The swallow is regarded as the bird of freedom. Recognised for its swiftness of flight and free spirit.


Temple Flower Jewellery

The sacred temple flower represents positivity & vitality. They energise the soul & inspire wellbeing.

Wishbone Jewellery

A wishbone is a symbol of wishes granted, as well as luck & good fortune.